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February 18, 2018


Due to a super busy shedule, this year's winter Skype guitar lessons were exclusively limited to people already on the waiting list.

However, more lessons should be offered in the next months and further details will be given as soon as possible.

So stay tuned !

January 18, 2018

Patrick demonstrating the rhythm guitar part to "The Godfather".

Check out the Tabs section for transcriptions and exercises.

December 21, 2017

Patrick Hemer

December 14, 2017

Very sad to learn about the passing of Warrel Dane. 

He was a true artist, a unique voice, and a charismatic personality with a mesmerizing presence. 

May he keep on playing with all the other greats who have left us too soon.

December 8, 2017

Mixing !!!

Patrick Hemer

November 19, 2017

God bless a true guitar hero and a Rock legend.

Patrick Hemer

October 31, 2017

Patrick Hemer

October 15, 2017


All vocals for the new album are finally complete. 

Still a little editing and sorting to be done but it will soon be time to consider starting to mix.

Everybody's impatient and super excited!!!

September 29, 2017

Tracking leads with that cool little thing. Diezel modded Boss MT-2 (notice the blue LED). Awesome pedal if you need a little more gain and bite than what you get with your everyday overdrive. Very good surprise !!!

Patrick Hemer

September 16, 2017


Back in the studio to record the last vocals for the new album.

Then, as usual, we'll still need to add a few last minute extra guitar arrangements :D, but, all in all, we're getting near the end of the recording process.

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