More Than Meets The Eye


1. Up From The Ashes
2. Thorn In My Flesh
3. Edge Of Insanity
4. For All Eternity
5. Firelight
6. The Godfather
7. Panem Et Circenses
8. Legend In Your Own Mind
9. Death On Two Legs
10. Guilty
11. Terra Incognita

MBR Music
Released November 8th 2011

Produced by Patrick Hemer

For All Eternity


1. For All Eternity
2. Thorn In My Flesh (alternate version)
3. Panem Et Circenses (alternate version)
4. For All Eternity (acoustic version)

MBR Music
Released May 8th 2012 - Digital Release Only

Produced by Patrick Hemer

The end

THE END - Single

MBR Music
Released January 29th 2014 – Digital Release Only

Produced by Patrick Hemer

The end


MBR Music
Released December 28th 2014 – Digital Release Only

Produced by Patrick Hemer

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Other / Sessions

Patrick has played on countless recordings, either with Metal/Rock bands or as a session musician in such diverse styles as Rock, of course, but also Pop, Experimental, Latin, Blues, etc…
If you want to hire Patrick to play on YOUR album, go to the contact page and check out the recording session contact info.