Electric guitars

Jackson KE2 Kellies with DiMarzio The Tone Zone (bridge) & Air Norton (neck) pickups or DiMarzio The Tone Zone bridge pickup and Sustainiac Stealth sustainer system

Jackson KE7 7-string Kellies with DiMarzio The Tone Zone 7 (bridge) & Air Norton 7 (neck) pickups

Various other Jacksons (Soloist, Rhoads, Explorer, P-bass) all mounted with DiMarzio pickups (The Tone Zone, Super Distortion, Air Norton, X2N, Model P,…)

Gibson Explorers with DiMarzio The Tone Zone or Super Distortion (bridge) & Air Norton (neck) pickups, custom electronics and Tone Pro bridges

Various other Gibsons (SG, Les Paul, Flying V)

Fender Standard Stratocaster with DiMarzio stacked pickups (Virtual Solo and Heavy Blues 2)


Acoustic guitars

Takamine Slim Line electric/acoustic guitar

Kramer Ferrington electric/acoustic guitar

Takamine cutaway electric/acoustic classical guitar

Jerome concert classical guitar



Marshall JMP-1 preamps with JJ or Sovtek tubes

Marshall 9100 power amps with JJ or Sovtek tubes

Marshall 8008 power amps

Marshall 1960 4X12 cabinets



TC Electronic G-Major2, G-Major & G-Force processors

Voodoo Lab Ground Control Pro MIDI foot controller

Roland FC-200 MIDI foot controller

Various Boss stomp boxes (SD-1, MT2, CE-3, PH-2, BF-2, OC-2,…)

Rocktron Banshee talkbox

Jim Dunlop Original Cry Baby pedals



Jim Dunlop 1.5 mm Gator Grip custom picks

D’Addario EXL125 strings (Custom 9-11-16-26-36-46-59 sets for 7-string guitars)